Everyday choices shape our lives and our personalities. Hence, our path in life is a maze and every decision is a turning point. There are many paths to explore, and Honesty, Happiness, Friendship, Joy, Trust, Creativity and Courage drive our resolutions.

With these values in mind, we’ve designed GROW as a place where fun meets learning and interactive sessions, delivered by international trainers, help you uncover your path in life.


through trainings, coaching activities, debate sessions, peer to peer learning, diades, teams simulations, individual and group simulations, sharing and learning from the others

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GROW learning experiences are designed to strengthen the connection between participants and trainers, to deepen the impact curriculum, all of these based on unconventional education.

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Step up

and be creative regarding your future, you will discover that knowing, by learning and practicing, gives you the chance to find the right path to the change you want to make.

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Phone: (0040) 743-908-338


the FEE for joining GROW activities is 50 lei

This project

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