How about a game? How about a team? How about a challenge? How about Grow?

Welcome to our new training ground, a place where you can practice and play games while learning usefull skills for your future career. For the time outs, our flyer can turn into a a fun origami basketball hoop.

All in all, the Grow experience is about learning the tricks of the trade.
Here's how to fold our origami hoop flyer:

What is GROW?

GROW is the nationwide youth development program that represents a long-term, non-formal educational engagement designed to improve the quality of education in Romania.

GROW is an educational program organized by Scoala de Valori in partnership with AIESEC. The program addresses high school students in Romania (aged 14-18) to offer them a professionally designed educational curriculum that complements the formal education system, focusing on personal development and soft skills, including also basic and advanced project management qualifications.

The program’s curriculum, which is different for the 4 high school grades, has been developed with the support of an Educational Board, made of top-notch experts in education and adolescent psychology.


through trainings, coaching activities, debate sessions, peer to peer learning, diades, teams simulations, individual and group simulations, sharing and learning from the others

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GROW learning experiences are designed to strengthen the connection between participants and trainers, to deepen the impact curriculum, all of these based on unconventional education.

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Step up

and be creative regarding your future, you will discover that knowing, by learning and practicing, gives you the chance to find the right path to the change you want to make.

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Phone: (0040) 743-908-338


the FEE for joining GROW activities is 50 lei

This project

has been financed in 2011 with the support of the European Commission. This publication (communication) reflects only the author’s point of view and EC is not responsible for the use of any information contained herein.