After every GROW edition, we take some time to put together the memories and impressions, creating a colourful puzzle. Each year, the tint and final image are different, but all GROW puzzles have in common the joy of learning, sharing and stepping up. We are thankful for meeting you and living together this 6 weeks of awesomeness! Thanks for sharing with us your experiences, emotions and stories!

Here are some feelings from our GROWzavi trainers:

gengGeng from Malaysia, trainer in Cluj-Napoca

My favourite memory of GROW is the 5TC conference. I really liked this conference as I met a lot of new and crazy friends from the other parts of the world here, and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience through this conference. I also enjoyed the sessions with students. They are great, and I felt happy when they were interested to know more about the sessions that I delivered.

I really appreciate everything that the organizers and organizing committees did, I never expected that the experience would be so great! Romania is a beautiful country, I liked the weather and the designs of the buildings.

What have I learned from GROW? Firstly, self-confidence. It boosted my self-confidence in only 6 weeks, now I am able to speak in front of others using English. Secondly, it made me more mature and independent, from the way I think and behave.

ericEric from Mexico, trainer in Galati

The biggest challenge I’ve faced as a GROW trainer was always improve my self and transmit something positive and important in the everyday life to my students.

This whole experience was much better than I thought. I improved the GROW skills in myself and I had the opportunity of contributing with a positive impact on my new friends, the students. My favourite part of this experience was the chance of living with other internationals and spending time with the teenagers.

From this project I learnt that no matter the name, country, religion, skin or manners, in every place you can find good people and make new friends that in time will become your family.

I see Romania as a beautiful country that opened its doors for bringing me the best experience of my life, because here I found new friends, new experiences and also a piece of myself. I´m in love with Romania, and I know that I´ll come back!