After every GROW edition, we take some time to put together the memories and impressions, creating a colourful puzzle. Each year, the tint and final image are different, but all GROW puzzles have in common the joy of learning, sharing and stepping up. We are thankful for meeting you and living together this 6 weeks of awesomeness! Thanks for sharing with us your experiences, emotions and stories!

Here are some feelings from our GROWzavi trainers:

Lucas from Brazil, trainer in Oradea

Comparing to my expectations, this experience was way more than I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting to have an international family, to have great friends from Romania, to discover and to learn amazing things. I learned a lot, I lived a lot. Now, I feel more mature after living and passing through stuff that I’ve passed. I learned how to be more flexible, creative and how to encourage people around me. I’ve learned that every session and work is different. This is amazing!!

lucasI’ve learned how to deal with the differences and how to respect different cultures and believes. I’ve learned that this is a big world and I need to discover more. But the most important things was that you can find a family and make a family everywhere! (I have one brother from Argentina, one sister from Taiwan and a lot of sisters and brothers from Romania 😀 )

This experience was amazing and remarkable. I will always remember some deep sessions in which the teens shared their feelings about life and their dreams. I will also remember our first session and the way we started to be a family.  There was a scene that I will keep in my heart: after the Proactivity session one really shy kid asked Miao how he could be more active. She gave him some tips and then, in the next session about Public Speaking, he was really active and he continued in that way. Actually, in the Public Speaking session he said amazing stuff that made me cry. I will remember the goodbye, also. For me it was amazing to hear that the project changed them and hear some phrases of mine from a long time ago. It was painful to hear: “I will miss you”. “I’ve learned a lot with you”. I kept little messages from them and I will keep those things in my heart. In addition, I will remember all of our jokes and La Turcu (a shaorma place in Oradea).

I’ve faced many challenges. We had some problems with structure of the sessions, and at the beginning it affected me. The biggest challenge was to deal with problems without being so affected by them. In time, I’ve learned that I can’t let problems affect me and the only thing we need to do is solve them. Now, problems don’t affect me that much.

For me, Romania is an amazing country with really warm people. The country is huge in diversity, cultures and landscapes. Romania always has a surprise for you. In every single city that we went we discovered new things and we had a great time. I will miss this amazing country where I could always find some help and some hugs. Iubesc Romania, for real. This is a magic place, with amazing food and amazing things to learn. This country, for me, it’s like a second home and I really want to come back one day!