After every GROW edition, we take some time to put together the memories and impressions, creating a colourful puzzle. Each year, the tint and final image are different, but all GROW puzzles have in common the joy of learning, sharing and stepping up. We are thankful for meeting you and living together this 6 weeks of awesomeness! Thanks for sharing with us your experiences, emotions and stories!

Here are some feelings from our GROWzavi trainers:

Tomas from Argentina, trainer in Oradea

This experience was much better than I expected. I can’t describe it in words, it was just AMAZING! One of the best experiences that I had and probably will have in life!

I faced many challenges, but in particular I was afraid I won’t be able to make a connection with the students, because for me that was the way I should deliver. If they like you, if you have a connection, it’s easier to deliver the messages that you want. In the first week I didn’t feel it. Late on the second week, I started to feel it and everything changed in a beautiful way!


My favourite memories from GROW were some sessions about discrimination when with two groups we decided to go to the street and change the day of the people, give them a reason to smile. With one group we give a paper with a quote that I shared that session, about Mother Theresa. With the other group we also went on the street, with flipcharts, asking people “What makes you happy?” and giving them some nice messages. It was great!! Also, I enjoyed the cakes and the surprise gifts the students from each group gave us. And of course, the “Sugar Cubes” that we received!

In GROW I learned a lot! About public speaking, time and project management, but specially to be myself always and everywhere. I also discovered that I want a better world and I should inspire people every day and everywhere and show them that it is possible, but we are the ones who have to start. That is my goal, i discovered it here and I’m really happy about it

Romania has awesome people, who are always trying to help. I discovered beautiful souls and it’s amazing. I want to come back. It was different than I expected, much-much better in many ways. I won’t forget the people I met and especially my students!