The first promotion of GROWzavi has completed the coolest adventure of high school! There have been 4 years in which the young participants grew like others in ten, developed the sense of initiative and communication skills and are now more prepared to face life’s challenges.

In 2010, we were hitting the road with 3 cities, 7 international trainers, 228 students who applied and a bunch of enthusiasm. Today, after 4 years of GROW, we sum it up and we can’t believe it: we have 11,477 students who graduated the program, 424 international trainers involved, 38 cities, 160 project managers and over 1,100 volunteers (more details, here). Enthusiasm has also increased proportionately.

But what we appreciate the most is that beyond these numbers we have created a community of smart, self-confident teenagers, who know how to use their qualities to succeed.

grow 4 ani

Now we have started a new GROW edition, dedicated to the 9th and 10th graders! It is our 13th edition and we know that it will be a lucky one 🙂 Nor could it be otherwise, given that a new 4-year promotion starts.

In case you did not know, GROW is a long-term project, in which you can take part every year of high school, from 9th to 12th grade. No, you do not learn the same things, because the curriculum changes every year and it is adjusted to your needs, on the Practice, Learn, Step Up! model.

However, there are some things that remain the same. Every year, GROW means:

  • fun workshops
  • new friends
  • direct interaction with young people coming from all over the world
  • hanging out
  • outdoor activities
  • a trip around the world without leaving your city

GROW is about the joy of self discovery and developing your strengths in a friendly intercultural atmosphere. Because we live in a world with wide open borders, GROW workshops are conducted in English, so you can practice your communication skills in this language through direct dialogue with young people coming from across the world.

grow scoala de valori

We’ve asked the former participants what do they think about the GROW experience. They smiled and told us that they remember how, four years ago, they were timidly beginning the first workshops, where they found a new world and said “yes” to the invitation of being GROWzavi. Now they communicate better, they make friends easily and public speaking no longer seems the end of the world, but on the contrary, a good opportunity to inspire others.

In these 4 years, we have collected albums filled with lovely memories, emotions that can’t be expressed in words and pictures to be framed and admired with nostalgia. Now we are looking for another team of teenagers eager to learn and grow!

Come with us! If you are a 9th or 10th grader, join GROW and be part of the new GROWzavi generation! Apply here: