GROW Winter Edition
Apply: 20th October 2015 – 10th January 2016
Results: 14th January 2016
Sessions: 15th January – 28th February 2016

GROW Summer Edition
Apply: 11th April 2016 – 10th June 2016
Results: In 10 days from your application you will be announced if you were selected to be part of GROW project.
Sessions: 22th June – 22th July 2016

How is learning activated in GROW?

A unique learning model, Practice, Learn, Step Up is the foundation of all GROW workshops and has proven its efficiency in the last 5 years. It combines active learning with reflexion and individual exercises with teamwork to create authentic teenagers with a stronger character and solid values.

The GROW project consists of 4 modules that complement high school education and transform teens into responsible and decisive adults.

Each module has over 30 hours of workshops delivered in English by trained internationals. We select motivated internationals, who are willing to pay for their flight to teach and share their experiences with Romanian youth. Trainers undergo an intense 5-day conference and deliver the trainings by the book. The international perspective is an unique aspect of GROW.


Module 1 – GRIT*

It’s scientifically proven (*Researcher: A. Duckworth) that grit is the main ingredient of success.

The workshops address self-awareness, build self-confidence, increase emotional intelligence and improve teamwork skills.

Recommended for 9th graders or those who have just
found out about GROW.

*passion + perseverance


Module 3 – Owners*

Success is about decisiveness, not about owning stuff.
This module teaches students about critical, creative and systemic
thinking skills, business skills and career orientation.

Recommended for 11th graders.

*physical and mental jewels


Module 2 – Runners*

Runners train their  muscles and mental strength to keep going
when others give up.

The module is about learning how to learn, outdoors fun sports, time management, healthy habits and muscle memory. It’s also about how to make things happen and about understanding what it really means  to be competitive.

Recommended for 10th graders.

*marathon mentality


Module 4 – World*

High school ends and the leap into the big world of adults is just ahead.
This module prepares teens to face the world while staying true to themselves and gives them tools like goals setting and planning skills to
CV writing, personal branding and debate skills  to rule the adult world.

Recommended for 12th graders.

*get ready to set sails



Cristina Cojocaru, Project Manager Phone: (0040) 758-354-451


the FEE for joining GROW activities is 50 lei

This project

has been financed in 2011 with the support of the European Commission. This publication (communication) reflects only the author’s point of view and EC is not responsible for the use of any information contained herein.