Last week, the 10th grade students participating in the GROW program have learned from the BRD professionists to manage their time, in a time management workshop, where they were impressed with the practical information received. The teens appreciated the openness of the BRD specialists and told us that they found out a lot of useful things from them.

We dearly thank to the BRD professionists for the friendship and passion with which they spoke to the teenagers and we invite you to learn more about the participants’ opinion, from themselves:

“GROW program, through the voluntary and enthusiastic participation of the teenagers and the collaboration with the international trainers, is an opportunity of intercultural exchange for both students and trainers / co-trainers. It was very interesting for me to challenge them to discuss and to discover new ideas and openness to change, but also the confidence in their ability to become an active part in shaping the world. It was a very nice surprise to discover young people who have a well-structured system of values even if still developing.

I also believe that the involvement in such projects can be for any of us a valuable experience of personal development, through which we can better empathize with others, change a little the ordinary angle of view, understand the young people’s needs (and implicit our children’s) to adapt to the fast dynamics of the society in which they live.”

Adina Stoicescu, BRD Trainer


“The session with Adina, the partner from BRD, was very great and the result is beyond our expectations.

Before we met Adina, we were a little bit nervous about delivering session together with a professional from the bank, but all the worries and doubts went away after we met her. She has a lot of experiences in non-formal education, and she had participated in several projects about time management. We had a very nice afternoon talking about how to deliver the session in a more interesting and inspiring way.  We decided to be her co-facilitators when she talk about prioritization of tasks.

Adina is well prepared for the sessions. She brought a lot interesting pictures to keep everyone focused when we discussed about the importance of time management. Also, she used vivid expression to show how amazing it would be if we organize our time wisely. Between theories, she had a lot of open discussions with students and invited them to share their life experiences. After that, me and Sofia finished the exercise “be aware of the positive and negative effects of different causes related to time management” together with the students.

The session was very successful and the students loved the idea of having a partner in the session because she shared a lot of life experiences with us, and we are grateful that the partner was so nice and amazing. This is the experience that we will never forget.”

Vivienne & Sofia, international trainers


“First of all, I want to say that the topic of the discussion was really interesting and helpful, especially for those who still have problems with organising their schedule.

Second of all, Adina was really precise, by giving certain examples, during the presentation. I think that knowing how to organize your time is fundamental and it will, somehow, lead to success, whether we talk about ourselves or the relationships we build in the society with different kinds of people.

As always, the session, overall, was really interesting, the activities that involved the group work were fun, but in the same time educational and the trainers were really friendly and opened to us.”

Antonia Bartha Ioana, student



“In my opinion, today session was really interesting, because I found out how to manage time better. I was really pleased to see that I am really good in time management. Adina was kind with us and open minded. She showed us some interesting and convincing photos about time management. My trainers Sofia and Vivienne were, as always, outstanding. It was an interesting session, I did not get bored, even if Adina told us many theoretical stuff. We also had some games and we had the opportunity to put in practice what we had learnt.

In conclusion, the session was nice, the atmosphere was awesome and I could say that after this session I will have the skill and the abilities to manage my time better. I honestly believe that these kind of sessions should be held more often, because they can help people who want to win the war against the biggest enemy “the time”.

Matei Tomi, student