Summer Camp 2017

Apply to the most gamified camp in Romania!

“If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you wanna go far, go together”
Hi there! You have probably heard this phrase a million times. But have you actually put it into practice?

Well, either if your answer is yes or no, let me tell you a story.

This is a story we like to call “The tale of the #GameChangers”. It starts with a team of 6 people who determine that the beautiful summer of 2017 will have 2 decisive moments:

Casa Bella, Argeș county
26th – 31st of August
Șăulia Camp, Mureș county
3rd – 8th of September

To join this devoted organising team we have some really exotic people that are already dear to you coming from the different countries, who, together with a group of passionate and professional Romanian trainers will ensure that the game will be played at the highest standards. But in order for a game to happen, we will need to have participants. This is where YOU, potential Game Changer, come in. Imagine the magic that will be created if 80 people meet at Casa Bella, and 80 others in Șăulia!

Not convinced yet?

Let me tell you why our team and our summer camp is the best thing for you this summer:

  • You will firstly get to meet other amazing GROWzavi from all over the country with which you will share unforgettable memories;

  • You will get the chance to have fun during activities that are meant to develop you both personally and professionally

  • You will get to meet inspiring people a.k.a your trainers who have amazing life stories and even more incredible delivering skills

Ok, now that we managed to create the team and we also know why you will need to be there, there are some things we need to be clear on. In order to be able to change the game, first, you need to know THE RULES.

How to apply

1. You sign up.

2. After you submit your application you will be contacted by our team in maximum 2 days and will be requested to send a video which will show us how worthy you are to be entitled future #GameChanger.

3. After submitting the video, we will move on to the final part of your induction – payment and parental agreement. You will have around 2 weeks to make the payment through some links we will provide you with. Also, when sending us the payment approval, you will also need to have the parental agreement.

Participation Fee 

#This year the early bird ticket will be 750 RON (1st of March – 23rd of April), the on time bird will be 820 RON (24th of April – 31st of July), while the lazy birds will pay 900 RON (1st – 15th of August). The fee can be split in two: first half (450 RON) can be paid after we confirm your application and the other half, until the 15th of August.

#Are you a new GROW participant this summer?
Apply between 24th of June – 15th of July and catch the early bird ticket; the on time bird will be 820 RON (15th of July – 31st July), while the lazy birds will pay 900 RON (1st – 15th of August).

Important mention! Once you have made the payment, either only half or all of it, that sum is non-refundable!

Financial difficulties, but high motivation to participate? Come to the fun side, we have SCHOLARSHIPS! 
CLICK HERE to learn how you can have your costs covered by us! 😉

This being said, if you did read all the way to here, it means you are ready and willing to be part of this GROWzavă experience that the summer of 2017 has prepared for you. So what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW!



Alina Macare


Phone: 0731 423 607


Early Bird
1st of April – 16th of April – 80 lei
On time Bird
17th of April – 31st of May – 100 lei
Lazy Bird
1st of June – 10th of June – 120 lei
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Cristina Cojocaru, Project Manager Phone: (0040) 758-354-451

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