The twenty-third of January – once more, it is that special moment of the year, when a new edition of GROW had started. This year, the 2K17 Winter edition.

This is how it all began: a hall full of students, daring volunteers and mysterious trainers – people with a mission. As soon as the participants had entered the theatre, they were welcomed by a ‘welcome package’. By 6 pm, the ceremony had been started: presented by the most funny and sociable ambassadors: Alexandra Trifan and Raul Marginean.

After a spoonful of jokes and rhymes, the whole GROW Project idea had been presented, the mother-organization’s key information was given out by none other than our LPM, Horia Grigoras. The last, yet not least, our partner, AIESEC had been put forward by Ioana Jele.

In addition to the theoretical notions about all the background organizations which made GROW possible, it was high time the students were acquainted to the ambassadors – the brave people working behind the scenes of GROW Mures. Creativity had been at its best, each department (Photo & Journa, Logistics, Events, Marketing, Selection & Tracking) having had an artistic on-scene play – whether it was a pantomime or an army march.

Obviously, a GROW ceremony or session cannot be the same without energizers – and which energizer would have been better than “Who is in the house”? An overwhelming amount of positive energy had poured from each student’s soul – each one of them radiating joy and exultation.

The whole event had been, indeed, a resonating accomplishment – an Opening Ceremony worth to be remembered, as per every perspective. For all of us, ambassadors – the most satisfying moment has been the time we realized that the participants were indeed happy and satisfied. As Cesare Pavese used to say, “People do not remember days, but moments”.

Until next time – remember: keep up GROWing and never give up your dreams!

Article written by our awesome Mures GROW Ambassadors:

  • Diana Furnea (Colegiul National “Alexandru Papiu Ilarian”)
  • Andrei Moldovan (Colegiul National “Unirea”)
  • Adrian Nagy (Colegiul Economic “Transilvania”)