How can you make sure that you’re gonna have a nice day? By starting the morning in force, learning something new alongside a cheerful and happy team. That’s how a Monday looked like for about 20 10th grade GROWzavi students in Bucharest who, guided by the international trainers Elena (Greece) and Omotola (Nigeria), have learned to manage their spare money in a smart way.

The workshop “Practi-finance for creating your reality” took place at Cetelem, our partner’s headquarters, where we all gathered in a welcoming and comfortable hall. The session was opened with an amusing energizing exercise which tested our student’s reaction time.

grow session

Elena and Omotola discussed about payment and saving strategies and invited the students to write down their current budgets. What followed was an exchange of ideas of how this budget can be improved so that it can better accommodate a teenager’s needs and also to be generous enough to allow going out, seeing a movie, attending a concert or buying a high-end gadget. Through a role-playing game, the students learned about the importance of accurate information when it comes to taking a loan from banks or non-banking financial institutions.

elena and omotola grow

financial session grow

Next came the subject of planning for the future through paper drawings. Each participant had to draw on a post-it something specific about what they want in the future. After that, they showed their drawing to the others and spoke more about their dream and also what is the financial mean by which they would achieve that dream.

In the end, we listened to a few testimonials of some of the participants:

My greatest challenge, when it comes to budgeting, is that for now I do not have my own income and I must be extra careful how I spend my allowance. At today’s workshop we learned a lot of new things, and from now on I will think twice before buying something new. I will try to figure out if I really need that thing and if there is a better way to spend the money as for achieving a bigger dream. This session helped me to see the entire image and to take into consideration my goals when I buy something.

     Iulia, 10th grade student


grow cetelem

We think that today’s session was very useful for the teenagers and we hope that from now on it will be easier for them to manager their pocket money in order to accomplish their goals. We are glad that the teenagers were receptive and got involved in the exercises. It is important for teens to know to manage their budget, so that they fulfill their dreams and build, since this age, an encouraging basis for the future.

Elena and Omotola, international trainers

Cetelem wants to get involved in programs with impact on society and that’s why we decided to invest in youth financial education through a partnership with GROW. We liked the idea of ​​this project from the beginning, and through it we intend to raise awareness among teenagers about managing their personal finances. After today’s session, the young participants have obtained a clearer picture of the possibilities of managing money and they are better informed about financial products, learning to plan their budget on medium and long term.

Irina Stoian, HR Manager Cetelem

We would have talked more about budget planning and future, but our GROWzavi had to go to school, so we said goodbye and decided to meet at the next GROW workshop.