In nine cities across the country, this winter snowed with multiculturalism, self-confidence, inspiration, tolerance, appetite for knowledge and openness to new. Bucharest, Brasov, Braila, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Galati, Iasi, Targu-Mures and Pitesti were covered with an avalanche of color and harmony by GROW.

The 15th GROW edition gathered a team of passionate and cheerful people, who have ensured that students will live the coolest moments. Behind the “scene” there were nine local coordinators (Cosmin Andra Bogdan, Boghy, Carmen, Teo, Vali, Mirela, Alex), four national coordinators (Cris, Andrea, Horia, Cristiana), 60 AIESEC volunteers, 27 international trainers from 11 countries, five Romanian trainers and 120 GROW ambassadors.

GROW trainers nice foto

Besides enthusiasm, great learning experience, fun and new friends, this winter edition also inaugurated a new educational concept, updated and improved to have a higher impact: Gritty Runners Own the World.

2,100 high school students from across the country went through the “Gritty” and “Own” modules and now have more courage in taking decisions and being themselves. They experienced the GROW magic during 10 interactive sessions and learned about communication, storytelling, public speaking, relationships, personal budget, health, happiness and eco life. We counted about 11,340 hours of training … Bonus, board games, quizzes, movies and cooking evenings – on short, GROWzav memories!

grow sessions 1

grow sessions 2

grow sessions 4

The GROW album got enriched with over 2000 photos from team building, TTC, iTTT, sessions, opening and closing events. Such a great edition could only have a final as much as effervescent! Students and trainers shared the multiculturalism flavor and payed forward smiles, joyfulness and GROW magic at the Globatic festivals, which took place in Bucharest, Cluj (13 participants), Brasov (21 participants), Pitesti (90 participants), Mures (17 participants), Iasi (180 participants), Galati & Braila (58 participants). The images speak for themselves!

globatic 1

globatic 7

globatic 5

globatic 2

We now take some little time to enjoy the spring and soon we go back to work to prepare the GROW Summer 2016 and GROW Summer Camp! Stay tuned!