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Here you’ll get some insights about the International Train the Trainers conference!                                                                                                                         ittt

The aim of the Conference:

  • Develop training and facilitation skills;
  • Train public speaking skills
  • Train design abilities;
  • Train intercultural communication;
  • Experience working in a multicultural environment;

All this under the guidance of Scoala de Valori senior trainers, AIESEC and other foreign NGOs.

The conference applies non-formal educational methods, simulations, role-play, open discussions, feedback sessions.

Date: 16 – 21 of June 2017

Location: Red&Black Hotel Predeal (Bd. Mihail Saulescu, Nr. 119, 505300 Predeal, Romania)

Accommodation, food, trainings, logistics all covered by Scoala de Valori.  Transport to the location covered by Exchange Participants.

What former trainers tell about iTTT Conference:

“In iTTT, it was indeed the first time for me to speak in front of people. I was very scared as I am a person that is lack of confidence. However, during the iTTT, we were taught to use tools, like props, flipcharts and etc., during presentation, which really helped us a lot in future sessions with participants.

One good thing for iTTT was that it provided time for trainees to work out what have been taught. Though the process was tough and tiring, I gained a lot from it. Starting from zero, from being scolded by the trainers to receiving good comments from them, the whole process allowed me to find my interest and also the self-confidence in public speaking. From now on, I don’t find it very difficult when presenting in public now! iTTT helped me to GROW!!!” – Nata – Hong Kong

“I totally recommend them to go on the conference, where they can explore themself from the heart. It’s worth remembering where we can have connection from the other trainers from all over the world, can it get better than this, be your own alchemist, fear mediocrity.” – Sai – India

MEET THE TRAINERS from the International Train the Trainers Conference!

See the conference through our GROW vlogers eyes!


Early Bird
1st of April – 16th of April – 80 lei
On time Bird
17th of April – 31st of May – 100 lei
Lazy Bird
1st of June – 10th of June – 120 lei
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Cristina Cojocaru, Project Manager Phone: (0040) 758-354-451

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