The GROW trip has just started, so let’s meet the “pilots”: the international trainers who came from countries all over the world to join our happy and colourful team.

Today we introduce you the first two trainers, Gezim and Victor. They will accompany teenagers from Bucharest high schools in an incredible adventure of self-discovery, during a 6-weeks learning, interactive and entertaining experience.

Coming from Albania, Gezim shares with us his first impressions and the reason he decided to be part of the GROW project:

“I was thinking to try something different and I wanted to do this thing abroad. I love traveling and I thought that an internship will help me a lot. When I saw this project, I found myself there because when you work with teenagers, you receive their energy and their innovative ideas.

By participating as a trainer in this program, I will improve my public speaking skills and also my English language skills. As I saw at the conference, it will help me think in a different and progressive way.

I’m proud of my country because we have a lot of things to show to the others. We have been a country isolated for a long time and the others don’t know us well or they know us for some ‘bad’ things. I believe I can change their ideas. We are one of the oldest nations in Europe with a long culture and history. From myself I can show these to the others.

Teenagers in my country are very shy, but over the last years they have start changing. With all this technology around they have understood how to move forward and be more open-minded. For the Romanian teenagers I think it’s almost the same. In fact, at my opening ceremony I saw that they are more sociable and friendly. They like to develop themselves in any way.”

Coming from Brazil, Victor took the GROW program as a personal challenge, he says to us:

“I was already in Europe when I found out about GROW; as I wanted to go to an exchange program in Europe I was searching only for TNs here. Once I saw the job description I immediately fell in love with it.

I think this experience will increase my tolerance and patience towards students and teenagers. I took the project as a personal challenge, because I never felt like I could deal with kids of that age. And, of course, it will help me to improve my teaching and presentation skills, to get to know more about myself and learn as much as I can.

Even though I’m a detached person, I don’t miss much of anywhere, anyone. Some call me cold-hearted. I just like to enjoy and live the moment, I bring all the good memories, feelings, people and places with me, wherever I go. And when I reunite with people that I truly care about, it’s like we were never apart. With the places is also the same feeling, I can be away from home as long as it takes, or as far as it may be, I will never deny my roots and I will always love my culture, because that’s who I really am part of.

I have the feeling that Romanian teenagers compared to Brazilian teenagers are not that different; both countries are growing and still have many problems. I can relate them in a level of comparison. My expectations were that I would have problems with the students. But so far I’ve only had good experiences and met teenagers that are willing to change, to work on the project and not be a problem.”

These were only two of the GROW “pilots”. Stay tuned to meet other great trainers! 🙂