Today we meet two trainers that came from overseas to be part of our project: Rodolfo, from Mexico, and Sofia, from Brazil.

Rodolfo wanted to get to know a new culture, so he chose Romania because it is not that well known. Now he trains in Iaşi.

The first reason I left México to get involve in the GROW project is because I wanted to get to know a different country and culture. I could have chosen to go to Colombia or Argentina, or any other american country, but I think they are so similar to México, that´s why I choose go to Europe. I chose Romania because it is a not-well known country, and I wanted to try something different than the most famous european countries, such as France, UK, Germany or Spain. Finally, I choose this project because I liked the idea to teach something different to teenagers, and I would have liked to have something like this when I was a teenager.

I think this experience will help me to develop my public speaking skills and time management, talking about professional skills. But I also think that I´ll make many friends, and that getting to know Romanian culture will help me to be more open minded and to understand in a better way my own culture.

I´m so proud of my country because México has a strong culture and history, there´s a lot of things to say about it, I could never finish to say everything I would like to say about my country. I like Romanian food, but I really miss Mexican spicy food and I´m thinking to make some traditional dishes for Globatic. I´m also proud of my talent, because I know that I can make funny sessions, just like I used to like classes when I was a teenager.

I expect Romanian teenagers to be proactive, organized, participative and that they will have fun!

Sofia will accompany the teenagers from Bucharest in the great adventure of self-discovery. She plans to take the GROW idea to Brazil and start a similar project there.

To be honest, I had chosen another project and I was supposed to teach English to kindergarten kids. Two days before leaving Brazil I received an email telling me there was a problem with that project and I was offered to join the GROW team (since I already had my plane tickets and everything), but I didn’t really know what I would do in this project. It was only after the 5TC Conference that I really knew what it was all about.

I left my country for three main reasons: I wanted to do something during my long summer vacation, something really different and out of my comfort zone. Also I like volunteering, so I wanted to do something related to helping others.

I believe that after GROW I will be less shy, since I have to talk and teach many high schoolers (around 80, if all of them show up). I will also improve the skills that I am trying to teach them, such as public speaking and time management, because in order to teach I have to know what I’m talking about. I will learn more about other cultures, which I love. It’s always nice and fun to know how people live their daily lives in other corners of the globe. I can also see how the teenagers are in Romania and compare them to Brazil’s teenagers, then take the GROW idea back with me to Brazil and – who knows – start a project there inspired by this one.

About my country: I am proud that we have a big mix of cultures. I believe that it made me be open-minded and not have many prejudices (I can’t say that I am 100% prejudice free because I think we all have a little bit of this feeling, even though we try to fight it; if I realize I am acting in a “prejudicial” way I try to change it, but I cannot change my most primitive thoughts).

I think that the expectations from Romanian teenagers don’t vary much from the Brazilian ones. Although we have different cultures, we both live in the “western world” and influenced by the same things (mostly). Also, both our countries have issues and are “developing”, and I believe our teenagers are willing to do something to make their countries a better place to live in.