The GROW Magic has started spreading around the country, with the help of our awesome team: the Local Project Managers, the Ambassadors and the International Trainers. Let’s meet some of them!

Alina Paula, GROW Ambassador in Cluj-Napoca

I found out about GROW in 2016, when a student from the council of the students came to my class and explained what is this project. In the summer of 2016 I became a proud participant. Because I like trying new things and I wanted to know what is happening in the backstage of this program, my ambition pushed me to become a GROW Ambassador. 

I love being an ambassador because I can develop myself, I make connection with people and I learn a lot of life lessons. My special coordinator let me to organize a few events and I learnt a lot from her. Another thing that I love about being part of the GROW story is the participants’ smile, which, by the way, is contagious.

I think that the stress from the last week was my biggest challenge as a GROW Ambassador… I remember that I went to one session after a good cry, but at the end of it, I saw the participants similes and they were happy and I spoke with my coordinator; she and the participants gave me a lot of power and courage, helping me to overcome the stress.

Some of the people I met in GROW are an inspiration to become a better me, to try new things, to have self confidence, to develop myself; other people became my friends and I think they have the biggest impact.

To sum up my whole experience with this project in 3 words, I would choose soul, new, learn. And I want to explain these words.

  • The first one is Soul, because GROW is a program for my soul, I put in it all of me and all of my soul.
  • The second one is New, because I always met new people, new lesson, new me.
  • The third one is Learn, because I learnt a lot about me, what I am capable of doing, my values, my priorities, my courage, my self confidence and other stuff.

This is what GROW makes me feel, this is why it is so unique to me.

I want to thank to a beautiful soul – Maia, because she took me with her in this crazy adventure, and to GROW, because it’s such a special project!