Why participating in GROW? What is so special in this program? Here are some thoughts from the former participants, now enthusiastic Ambassadors of the project, who are proud to promote GROW by sharing their own experiences!

The GROW Amabassadors are students who have graduated at least 2 editions of the project or/and have entered in the GROW support team.


OanaI feel like I’ve been in GROW project since ever. As I’ve been a participant, but ambassador too, I had the chance to experience all the values and life changing perspectives that GROW can offer. I’ve met a lot of people, people who inspired me, taught me and also people who have grown by my side along the whole experience. I can’t name one single session where I got bored, because that never really happened. Instead, I had fun, I laughed a lot, as this is one of “my things”, and I found out that the best way of learning and improving your skills is when you’re not actually realising doing it, because everything just comes naturally.


AndreeaGROW is one of the most important projects in which I participated. I developed as a person, I improved my communication skills, I met people from all over the globe, I got out of my comfort zone and discovered that it is not so difficult, but even exciting, because you have the opportunity to discover how well you react to certain things. Shyness or public speaking are not an issue anymore and budget management is not as hard as it seems. GROW is a project dedicated to students, one that changes your life for the better!


JohnnyHello! My name is Johnny and this is the second time I am a GROW Ambassador. I’ve participated in three editions of this program. With a little mistrust and pessimism at the beginning, I soar in a project which means diversity of cultures, people, ideas, smiles, activities, free expression, new things… in one word: GROW. This project has been an opportunity to evolve both personally and professionally, because interacting with people of different nationalities has helped me to develop my communication skills in English and I’ve broadened my cultural perceptions by learning interesting facts about a large number of countries from all the world. GROW offered me the chance to be a volunteer, to get actively involved in all the project’s activities. I will always remember with joy this wonderful experience, an adventure worth living for every teenager eager to learn.


NarcisParticipating in GROW was the best decision I’ve ever taken. I discovered my second family since 9th grade, when I decided to join this project. Initially, I did not realize the great importance of theGROW program, but after some time passed I realized that was a really memorable experience. I found out that non-formal education helped me to develop much better compared to formal education. I’ve learned a lot, not only from the great sessions delivered by each international trainer, but also from the people I met, who became my friends. GROW changed me and I think this experience is truly priceless for each teenager.


Sabina pitestiHeyaaa! I am Sabina, I am 18 and I am a GROW Ambassador. Thanks to this project, in which I participated in 3 editions, I managed to know myself better, to discover what I like and to realize that there are a lot of wonderful people out there. I am a sociable, open and full of contradictions person, who loves watching movies and reading books. In general, I have a lot of energy and I like to get involved in all kinds of activities and organizations. What can I say about GROW? I consider it one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had, because of the things I learned, the people I’ve met and all the activities in which I took part.