GROW Academy 2k18 is brought to you by a team of ambitious and enthusiastic people who work with passion so that the #GROWexperience be the best you’ve ever had. Along with the ambassadors, the Local Project Managers (LPMs) make sure that the mix of fun, skills, multiculturalism and awesome workshops is just perfect for you, the teenagers. Let’s meet the GROWzavi LPMs of this edition! 

Ana, Tirgu Mures

I’ve first found out about GROW when I was in the 6th grade and a lot of my older friends were posting on Facebook different pictures and videos from the sessions and events. My first actual contact with the project was when I finished the 8th grade and I participated at a treasure hunt. It was one of the funniest things that I’ve done with my friends.

In just 3 words, GROW means Knowledge, Friends, Fun.

I met a lot of nice people through this project, both from my own town and from the whole country. In TTC I met the greatest people ever and this really changed my perspective upon many things in my life.


I believe in this project because I think teenagers have a great potential which they can’t use or develop in schools only. This projects was created to help them GROW, make new friends, discover who they are and enlarge their view on life and opportunities.

Why LPM?

I became an LPM because I fell in love with this project after being both a participant and an ambassador. I wanted to make sure that people will have an awesome GROW experience and the best way of achieving that is to try and do it it by myself. Being a LPM made me become more responsible, well-organised and also developed my leadership skills. I don’t have now as much free time as I used to have, but I don’t mind that because I like what I am doing.

My favourite part of the project is when I split the tasks and I see my ambassadors starting to work on them right away and also when they are bringing new suggestions and ideas.


My biggest challenge was to talk in front of my ambassadors and get used to the idea that they see me as their leader. I overcame this by getting to know them better and becoming very good friends, we keep in touch and I often hang out with some of them. We talk a lot on our Whatsapp group, joke about stuff and help each other when we need it.