GROW Academy 2k18 is brought to you by a team of ambitious and enthusiastic people who work with passion so that the #GROWexperience be the best you’ve ever had. Along with the ambassadors, the Local Project Managers (LPMs) make sure that the mix of fun, skills, multiculturalism and awesome workshops is just perfect for you, the teenagers. Let’s meet the GROWzavi LPMs of this edition!  

Andreea, Braila 

After 2 years of being in this big, big family I have come to realize how much it helped me to develop skills and relationships I would have never thought I’d have. It is a great part of my life and I don’t know what else I would have done if I hadn’t been involved in this project. It helps me to feel alive.

For me, GROW is Family. Evolution. Fun. 

Becoming a LPM

…. was a decision made in a rush. Firstly I was supposed to help prepare an event in Bucharest and so I left my hometown, Braila, to go there. I did a lot of different tasks and I was so excited to see the other LPMs and the overall atmosphere and this positive energy made me stay until the end of the TTC week. GROW wasn’t supposed to happen in Braila, but because I seemed so excited, the PM, Cristina Cojocaru, suggested that I should stay the whole TTC and I couldn’t refuse.

Being LPM gives me confidence and helps me to be more organised in my daily life. I love the fact that I cross my boundaries almost everyday in order to get things done, and that I find out things about myself during this process. I am proud that as a GROW LPM, I had the opportunity to reach this point when I’ve made the project better known in my hometown.

My favourite part of the project

… is to see everyone involved and seeing positive results of the efforts I make everyday. I wouldn’t skip any part of this process in order to make things easier, I love the challenges and how they form me as a person. The people I met through this project made me realize how much working in a team helps me develop myself and also to be connected to a bigger community of teenagers.

The biggest challenge

… was to go to Promo in high schools and convince people to apply, without having a great history of the project in Braila. I just put so much passion into training my ambassadors and the speech I gave in classrooms! I talk with them everyday and we see each other at meetings almost every week. I like to hang out with them.