Changing life experiences, fun and relaxed sessions, international trainers, challenges and new skills – all in one big GROW salad. If you secured your place in GROW Academy 2k18 this winter, you’ll have the chance to taste it and discover the new secret ingredients we won’t reveal yet. Until you’re ready with the dressing, let’s meet one of the amazing LPMs of this edition: Malina, LPM in Pitesti.

Malina, Pitesti

I believe in GROW because it helped me discover some good parts of myself that I didn’t know about. My favourite part of the project are the human relationships and the people involved in the whole project. Thanks to GROW, I have the opportunity to make my vision come true, of course, with the help of the ambassadors’ ideas. I am happy that I succeeded in organizing the things in a whole different way and I’ve always tried my best to respect the ambassadors as equals of mine. We’re more like a family rather than a team.

As a GROW LPM, now I am more organized, less sensitive and I feel like I’m doing my part in changing the world because, with the active involving of all my ambassadors, we convinced so many people to join the project and believe in it.

GROW in three words: develop, creative, challenging.