Today we introduce you Giovana, who shared with us her impressions on the GROW adventure.

giovanaI describe myself as a passionate girl, because I believe excellence comes when you do something with passion. My passions at the moment have everything to do with Romania and GROW project.

I’m from Brazil, a great country, with beautiful cities and friendly people. And I’m really proud of my country’s culture diversity.

I decided to be a GROW trainer because I had the feeling that I need to do something different in my life, that I need to change the way I see the world and people, and GROW provided everything I expected.

I expect to come back to Brazil able to tell people the importance of this project to Romanian teenagers, to change their view about Romania and to begin regular exchange programs.

I think this experience will change me because I have never lived without my parents, never had to do things by myself for me and for teenagers.