What did GROW mean for Emma, former trainer in Brasov? Let’s find out from her story:

In this project I’ve lived a lot of beautiful moments. The moment the kids talked to me heart by heart about their own problems; the moment I worked with the kids for Globatic; the moment the kids did the simulations; the moment they said they love me and they really liked this project… And surely there are countless beautiful moments that I will always remember!

As a GROW trainer, I faced some challenges. At first, I delivered the sessions alone. I was not familiar to using  ice breakers, so at the beginning I couldn’t get closer to the students. Gradually, I became more relaxed and I managed to make the most out of the ice breakers.

The second challenge that I faced is that I did not know how to debrief. Usually I can make myself understood, but I didn’t know what to say after each part. The AIESECers helped me at the beginning of the session and I learned a lot from them. Now I can proudly say I am not afraid of public speaking and I know the tricks of it. Also, this project made me more outgoing. By teaching the kids the content of the session I also had to reflect about it myself. The teenagers were really creative, I have to say. And the thing that I liked the most is that they were always willing to speak out their ideas. They wanted to share their feelings with me, which made it easier for me to communicate with them.

After the period spent in Romania, I see it as a great country. The local people are super friendly. As soon as I have free time, I will travel more. I managed to travel to 12 cities in Romania. What they all had in common were the folksy people, who offered me help whenever I was in need.

Even if it is not a rich country, Romania is worth visiting, not only because of Dracula, but also because of the local people and culture. To me, Romania is a wonderland. And I lived here for one month and a half as I lived in a fairy tale. This country helped me to become a responsible and caring person. When my flight tookoff, I just could not stop crying. I laughed there, I cried there, I had fun there… Those little things from the everyday life made me a better person. This was without  doubt a life changing experience! You cannot imagine how much I love Romania!