Salut! I am Qima, former trainer in Iasi, and this is my GROW story.

When you have the least experience in dealing with teenagers or simply being a trainer, you are bound to face some obstacles. However, with an open mind and willingness to adapt, you can set the world on fire! Some challenges I have faced as a trainer were trying to make the students engage in the sessions, because they have different learning styles, and to make them pay attention. Also, to deliver the right content without making faulty messages is probably the most challenging. Consulting with a fellow trainer or organizing committee members helped me a lot in delivering the sessions.

I’ve learned I can interact with teenagers, regardless the age gap or different cultural background. Also, I was able to discover the strength and potential which I didn’t know I have or I was aware but lacking off. From the talks and feedbacks I have shared with fellow AIESECers and the students, the impact that I had on them showed how much this experience changed me. Even I am shocked! I realized then how much I have grown in this project, and also realized I GROW to learn and will always learn to GROW.

One of the most beautiful moments I have lived durring GROW was the 1st March, when so unexpectedly I received martisoare from the students. On that day also, there was an student who couldn’t attend. However, just before the last session and a few minutes after my break, he visited me with a flower. He revealed that he has somewhere else to go, but he took the time to drop by and gave me the flower personally. It warmth my heart to know how attach we have become.

Romanian teenagers are beautiful. Even at such a young age, their mentalities are different and they have a vision of their own. Some of them have already carves their own path and some are still identifying their strength, but in no times, with a good support, I am sure they will be able to find it. Signing up for GROW showed how much difference they want to make on their life – the first initiative to take an ‘outside’ activity like GROW. Even if some of them joined because they heard it was ‘fun’ from the previous participants, it still shows they want something ‘different’ in their life – a different kind of fun. For these reasons, I applauded them for taking the risk.

In my opinion, Romania has a lot of potential in its younger generation. This younger generation might just be the pioneer in changing Romania, and I am glad to be able to be a part in such powerful project like GROW. AIESEC, Scoala de Valori and the partners have very clear visions in changing the future, and with a great support, coupled with curious participants, Romania will receive the changes it deserves in no time. I have faith in the participants to make the changes they want to see happen. If given a chance, I would like to be a part of GROW again and to see the legend happen.

If someone asked me about Romania, I would say ‘GROW’. Romania has a lot of powerful potential to grow and this potential lie in its younger generations.