While getting ready for another GROW edition and preparing the sessions, we wondered how are the former trainers doing. So we asked them to write down a message for you, the teenagers who participated in this project, in order to remember the beautiful moments spent together with them.

Hey from Egypt,

I am Ahmed Mekawy

I miss you a lot, guys!

Thank you for every moment we spent together and for the time during the sessions! I really love GROW because it influenced me, it helped me gain a lot of skills. I learnt how to be a trainer, as well as how to be a role model and inspire others. It will also help me a lot in how I will shape my career and plan my life.

The most beautiful moments I had in this project were when I saw inspiration in your eyes and when I celebrated my birthday with you 🙂

Keep chasing your dreams, try more than once and don’t fear anything! I believe in each one of you and how everyone has their potential to do more! You are the future of Romania, Do it and make us proud.

I love you all!