The last few days were full for Şcoala de Valori’s team. We all went to Predeal, where we spent a long weekend. We held workshops, learned, had fun and met a lot of people from all over the world at the 5TC which opened this year’s GROW edition.

Over 40 international students came to Romania to be part of the GROW project. They will go to high schools across the country and hold nonformal education classes for teenagers, so they could know themselves better, discover their passions and values and especially to improve and develop themselves.

Our trainers, along with those of AIESEC, local project managers, representatives of partner companies and former GROW trainers, introduced them to our country and to the Romanian highschool profile, to make their adaptation to a new cultural environment easier. So we had simulations, workshops, group sessions, coaching and even pillow fights.

The training courses have been held in a cheerful, full of enthusiasm and exotic atmosphere. Nor could it be otherwise, given that the international students come from countries all over the world, such as Indonesia, Brazil, China, Mexico, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Taiwan, Pakistan, Albania, Montenegro, Estonia and Germany. We all made friends and found out that cultural differences can be a good occasion for open interactions.

Next step?

GROW trainers will immediately begin to teach and, starting with January 28th, will meet the high school students in 9th and 10th grades, in what will be an adventure of knowledge and learning – for all participants. We wish them good luck and we are looking forward to hear their impressions about the GROW experience!

If you’re curious to see more photos from the 5TC sessions, we invite you on GROW’s Facebook page!