To take part in The Color Run is a unique experience. Each time. It’s only our second race and I can say that each event is unique. As the cause of the race, we are trying to get as involved as possible and help with the organization.

For Cluj, we brought in volunteers from 3 different cities – all GROW students and OC’s. We had help from Târgu Mureş, Timişoara and, of course, Cluj. They were a total of 160 GROW’ers who threw collors, helped with registration and shared smiles with the participants.

Sunday passed so fast. The day started at 11.00, when we were already in Piata Unirii, preparing the GROW tent. It continued with teams of volunteers going on the streets to see the route and finding their places, writing cool messages on the road.

15.00 – first runners started coming in. Energizing moment for the GROW participants and trainers who welcomed them, started talking to them and asked them to share their values with us. And they did it with quite an enthusiasm, so our Values Board was full of happiness, love, care and smiles before the first race.

16.30 – warm up started on and off stage. Runners and the trainers from World Class warm up each muscle, while we warm up the colors, give the last instructions and make sure everyone is in their place.

17.00 – first start. Everybody is cheering, excited to be a part of this and eager to start the race.

18.00 – last start. Five of us decide to go running as well. We run, we laugh, we walked, we did a little sightseeing, enjoying the city, we made fun with other runners, we got tired and walked some more, we pep-talked each other, we ran when the cameras were close to us, we ran some more to get to the colors. We had FUN! a lot of, and so did everyone.

Once the festival started, everybody was dancing, taking photos, laughing at each other and enjoying a perfect Sunday. 3…2…1! Splash! colors in the air and rainbow on each face and t-shirt. I think for a moment, all Cluj was just smiles and laughter.

Let’s hear some impressions on The Color Run Cluj from our GROW volunteers:

My Color Run experience was brilliant! An explosion of colors, joy, happiness, naturality and music. Us, the volunteers, had the chance to communicate with the participants, make them happy and so on. I was at the GROW tent and when I heard that I have to promote the GROW  project, interact with the public and ask them to write their values, I was so happy and joyful! I really love this project, I love to communicate, to share my principles, my quirkiness with others, so this job suited me like a glove. I was also really happy because at the end of the Color Run, the volunteers were like a big, united family… We were there, all together, laughing, dancing, hugging, supporting each other.

It felt so good to know that everybody was doing the same thing as you, so you weren’t judged if you wanted to do weird stuff or to be crazy, because they all were just like you. They would just join you in this craziness. And all the color fights… No words can explain this. Actually one might get a little close: LEGENDARY! It was legendary. For once, I felt like I’m outside this boring, regularly planet we all live in. I felt like I was flying in some sort of colorful universe, were all you can see is happiness, love, friends and peace… I really treasure this feeling and I will treasure it for ever!  I want this in my city too! BRING THE COLOR RUN TO TARGU MURES!

With love, Ruxandra Pologea (Ruru) – Targu Mures

For me, The Color Run was a great experience. My job was to make sure that the people know which way to run. I was standing at the end of the race with another 2 girls and I had the best feeling when I saw the people so tired and still running after we encourage them. The Color Run was a wonderful experience, full of energy, colors and a lot of amazing people!

Virgilia Nona – Cluj Napoca

It was an amazing experience, powerful, funny, healthy (we “run” hahaha). The best moment was… mmm I have more than one moment… dancing under the colors, running while the volunteers were throwing the colors, shouting when the runners arrived at the end…

Francina Cassaniti