The young people who wish to take the future of their generation into their own hands can now sign up until the first of November to take part in the national network “The story of your generation”.

The connectors selected will promote initiatives that help the youngsters achieve the professional life they want, particularly Laboratorul de Cariere (e-learning platform) and they will provide connections between youth organizations, city halls and county councils, for the local authorities to invest more and more strategically in the young generation. For their effort, the volunteers will benefit from monthly prizes in value of 300 lei, training and other surprises assured by the initiators – Consiliul Tineretului din Romania, Scoala de Valori and Banca Comercială Romana.

5.48 million teenagers, 54 Connectors

To become Connectors, the teenagers must fill out a form available on the web page of Consiliul Tineretului din Romania, where 54 will be selected.

Next try will be participating at the first training session in November, in Timișoara – The Youth Capital in Romania 2016-2017.

Then, during four months, they will be working next to the initiators and the local non-governmental organizations to achieve their goals. Over 20.000 teenagers will met the other network members, and if the local authorities will be persuaded into prioritizing the teenagers more, tens or even hundreds of thousands teenagers and hundreds of youth organizations could benefit from the initiative. If the results obtained with the support that the network of Connectors have provided are considered good enough, the initiators may take into consideration lengthening the implementation period.

Learning outside of school

Because the school adapts too slowly to the changes in the society, the teenagers that want to have success learn more and more besides it. Laboratul de Cariere is a e-learning platform launched by Banca Comercială a Romaniei in partnership with Scoala de Valori, designed to encourage, facilitate and consolidate the bond between students, teachers and specialists from the business environment of Romania, so the skills developed by the teenagers to be balanced with the existing market requests. The selected Connectors will contribute to knowing and using this platform by the teenagers that want to take a step ahead in preparing for their future career.

The generation that no longer tolerates being ignored

The volunteers network of Consiliul Tineretului din România and the partner organizations have obtained an increase of 3.5 millions of lei in the funds put to the disposal of youth organizations by the city halls and county councils in 2016, since last year, through a project funded by the non-governmental organization fund in Romania. The details can be found at The sum is equivalent to over 50% of the funds allocated annually by the government with the same purpose. Even if there is such progress, the majority of the local authorities persist in not investing in the youth and very few of them have strategies to tackle with the youth’s needs, whether we are talking about living, education, environment or conditions for founding a family. Also, very few of them consult in a structured way the teenagers to identify these needs  and to find solutions. The selected Connectors are the ones that, going from still unresolved needs, but also from the success examples from 2015-2016, will write the next chapter in the evolution of the way city halls and the county councils relate to teenagers.