Do you want to make a difference in the youth education field, while discovering new cultures, learning and having fun?
Awesome, you’re in the right place! :)

GROW is looking for enthusiastic and open-minded people to guide the Romanian teenagers during the journey of self-discovery! We offer the context and training skills, you bring the curiosity and passion for education.

What does a GROW trainer do?

1. Designs an educational session based on specific topics and learning objectives for GROW participants (teenagers, 15-19 years old).
2. Delivers 10 different educational sessions in English to the high school students.
3. Organizes events together with the teenagers.

Do you wonder what’s up with GROW?

We thought about letting some people that already been through this answer some questions about the experience.

Why join GROW as a trainer?

• You attend a 6-day international conference (iTTT) with senior trainers from Școala de Valori and other international NGOs
• You develop useful abilities, like:
- Public Speaking and communication skills;
- Session design skills;
- Problem solving and emotional intelligence skills;
- Team working and event management skills;
- English level speaking and writing;
- Working in a multicultural environment;

• You have a positive impact on the teenagers in Romania and their education.
• You interact with diverse people and make new friends.
• You have free time to travel on your own and get to know Romania, its culture and people.
• You will be coached on training by one of the senior trainers of Scoala de Valori.
• You have the following costs covered by the organizers: accommodation, the training manual and materials, accommodation + food during iTTT Conference.

What to bring?

• Strong interest in youth education
• Volunteering experience
• Basic training experience
• Outstanding English skills
• Communication skills, both verbally and written
• Organizational skills
• Creativity
• Interest for fast-paced self-development
• People-oriented approach

... and some mundane staff:



How to apply

Applications are now closed. See you soon!

  • Based on my previous experiences, I thought that it would be harder for me to work with high schools students. But then I met these teens and wow, they were asking a lot of questions and they really enjoyed being around someone "different". That makes me really happy and full of hope for the next generations. The sessions went pretty much well and I really loved the general experience.
    Antonio, trainer from Italy
  • For me, being a GROW trainer was incredibly rewarding. The participants brought to every session a willingness to participate and try new things, even if the purpose of what we were doing wasn’t blatantly obvious. The bonds I made during this month are ones that cannot be matched. Spending time with so many like-minded people is incredible. In my opinion, if you have the opportunity to participate in GROW, it is an experience not worth missing.
    Chaia Anne, trainer from Australia
  • To be honest, calling GROW just a project doesn’t seem to be doing it justice. Calling it a life-changing project is, in my opinion, the least amount of justice one could possibly do to GROW. What I have learnt of this experience is: Do not let some superficial geographical boundaries define who you are, the way you are supposed to be, who you are supposed to hate in this world and whom to love.
    trainer from Pakistan
  • I learnt a lot of things during this project. From the conference, I learnt how to speak in front of people, how to design a session and make it an interesting one and how to manage my time. I also made friends from different countries. From the sessions I learnt to be very honest to everybody, I became more flexible and I got to understand people around me. I liked that my participants were curious about my country, my religion and also about myself. Read more...
    trainer from Indonesia
  • For me, GROW means a lot of things. It means work, experience, friendship, happiness. I will never forget the days that I had to deliver the topics. During the sessions, I was feeling so important for the participants. Those teenagers were sitting on their chairs waiting to learn things from me, waiting to learn things that would help them to find their own way. When I first saw the smiles on their faces, I think, was one of the best times in my life. It’s so important to know that you can help young people to decide what they want to do with their lives.
    trainer from Greece
  • “GROW” is the word which is connected to my life and it is one of the most intense experience I ever had in my life. I discovered myself in multi-dimensions, I became more self-aware, more sociable and optimistic. More importantly, I am more open-minded and I grew myself in that manner where I can see the world differently these days! I really hope that I have created a real impact on the teenagers! I would be really glad to take part in this project one more time if it’s possible and I would be even happier to start this kind of project in my country and increase the impact in numbers where the people with different cultures meet and start learning in a different manner, in the same GROW atmosphere!
    Sai Betala
    trainer from India
  • There is no doubt that GROW is the best project I have ever took part in. The six weeks I spent in Romania became the most special episode in my life. It not only made my students ‘grow’, but also myself. The people I met here, including my students and my teammates, made my experience wonderful. I will take all the great memories with me and never forget them!
    trainer from China
  • GROW is innovative, it is a multicultural experience that allows both internationals and Romanian participants to gather together in a space of learning and non formal education. It was really an amazing experience, I had the chance to share my knowledge with the participants and also learn from them!
    Erij Ghanmi
    trainer from Tunisia
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