High school is a wonderful time, full of memories and experiences, but, unfortunately, it’s very demanding and instructions are not included. We know you can’t wait for the summer holiday, so we, Scoala de Valori and AIESEC, created GROW – the national program for teens, that guarantees a GROWzav summer!

But what is the GROW recipe? Gather some high school students, 50 internationals from across the globe with the role of “non-formal teachers”, add topics like self-knowledge, personal branding, leadership, values, vocational orientation, budget and time management, season it with treasure hunts, flash mobs, karaoke evenings or movies, mix it with a multicultural atmosphere and interactive workshops in English and lay aside six weeks to develop.

The secret ingredient in our GROWzav recipe is “Practice, Learn, Step Up” – a model based on active learning, that focuses on teamwork and the implementation of the topics learned during the workshops.

2015 is a very important year for us, a year that “obliges” to perfection, marking 5 years in which we used the GROW recipe, 5 years in which we brought a plus for the teenagers who wanted to discover their strengths, to gain courage to be themselves, to change and be the change!

So, with all the ingredients prepared, we declare open the enrollment for GROW Summer 2015! If you are a future 11th or 12th grader, we invite you to fill in the application form and be one of the teenagers who will write his/her own recipe for a summer full of experiences and internationalism, a GROWzav summer!


For more information about the GROW recipe, we invite you to visit our website and our Facebook page.