“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” rocket has successfully completed the “organization of GSC” mission, code number 2015 and now it celebrates five years of evolution, together with the extended team in a top secret location.

No, you’re not in a SF movie! After months of Skype and phone conversations, discussions, debates, after days of frustration mixed with excitement, ups and downs, successes and lessons learned, the “Rocket” theam launched into space the summer adventure! GROW Summer Camp (GSC) is the place where multiculturalism, education and entertainment rock, in honor of the 5 GROWzavi years!

echipa de organizare grow summer camp

Who are the members of the “Rocket” crew?

GROW Summer Camp is organized by a team of former GROW local coordinators (OCP) from all over the country, who from February until today have worked side by side, from different locations, with the desire to bring together 150 GROW people at a super birthday party. They are the “Rocket” team, thatwe are proud to introduce to you:

  • Cristina – OCP Cluj, Spring 2014

The Team Coordinator, she provided the rocket’s “fuel”: a cocktail of enthusiasm in high doses, planning and optimism.

  • Ionuţ – OCP Pitesti, Spring 2013

A person who pays attention to details, knows the financial stuff and brings value to the team by numbers and inspired calculations.

  • Popescu – OCP Sibiu, Spring 2014

Dedicated in everything he does, a guru of calm in the middle of the storm, an inspiring and motivating person.

  • Cătălin – OCP Cluj, Spring 2015

Passionate talker, willing to help, a beautiful soul who offers hugs and smiles to people around him.

  • Horia – OCP Tg. Mures, Spring 2014, Summer 2014

A GROW veteran, master of organization, he puts his heart and soul into everything he does, a man you can rely on,anywhere, anytime.

  • Rareș– GROW Participant Spring 2013&Summer 2013

A student who loves images, colors and beautiful things, willing to help and devoted to GROW.

  • Ovi – GROW Participant Spring 2013&Summer 2014

A confident and smiling student, a good photographer and passionate about everything that has to do with GROW.

But what about “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“? Well, this is the nickname of the “Rocket” team and we have to admit that it fits them perfectly (the 7 dwarfs are actually 6, but that’s another story :D). They are a nice family where blood ties are replaced by passion for GROW, where Respect is law and Courage feeds their passion for development.

These days, they enjoy the smiles of 120 GROWzavi, the involvement, passion and dedication of 15 trainers and they celebrate together the 5 wonderful years, thinking of the following editions’ adventure.

grow summer camp echipa de organizare