Our magic formula in delivering the GrowEdu learning experience is...


You explore real life situations through exercises, games, debates, role-plays and team activities.


You draw conclusions, learn from the experiences and get fresh insights about the subject.

Step Up

You apply the new skills and info by creating some impactful projects through the #CommunityChallenges

What participants say about GrowEdu

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GrowEdu Online Opening Event | Live evening with GrowEdu Alumni - 29th of July 2020, 18:00 EEST.

We are continuing our educational mission and inspiring the young generations!

Save the date!

We had so many delightful moments together and we want to catch up! Let’s reconnect! We invite you to join us at our GrowEdu Online Opening Event | GrowEdu Online Opening Event |
Live evening with GrowEdu Alumni - 29th of July 2020, 18:00 EEST.

Online Grow Alumni event

We innovated our traditional reunion to bring you our very first Online Grow Alumni event, where we will evoke memories about the sweet times shared by all Grow alumni.

Talking ...

Prepare yourself because we’re going to talk...a lot! We want to hear about the new things you have learned, how the Grow program has changed your perspective and maybe your life, what new exciting plans are you dreaming about.


One of the benefits of GrowEdu is belonging to a lifelong, international community of learners and trainers. We continue to bring people, cultures and ideas together, to change lives. Now, you have an additional opportunity to engage with Grow Alumni who are leaders of private, public and social sector organizations around the world.

Alumni community

Our alumni community is a network of creative, progressive thinkers, located all over Romania and other countries worldwide. There are more than 40, 000 enthusiastic youth who learn and work in a wide variety of fields: politics, design, education, journalism, the arts, medicine, and many more. These diverse pursuits align with GrowEdu’s mission of effecting positive change in the world and reflect the distinctive talents of our alumni.


If you were wondering about the activities your Grow family is up to, this is your chance, so please register using the form.

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