Start 2018 in force and tick off from January some of the possible resolutions of this year! Go to GROW Academy 2k18, the ideal setting for getting energized, where you learn a lot of useful stuff in a fun way!

Apply on until 14th January 2018! The project will take place between 24th January and 28th February, a good period to achieve the following resolutions: 

  • Know nice people – GROW is about friendship and connections. You will learn to build strong relationships with others, communicate better with them and make new friends.
  • Travel to exotic countries without leaving your hometown – Your GROW adventure wild be guided by the international trainers, youngsters who want to explore the magic of this world and who will share some cultural bites from the states they come from (Brazil, Australia, Italy, Luxembourg, Indonesia, France, Netherlands, Spain, Egypt, India, United States of America, Germany, Afghanistan, Pakistan).
  • Learn a new language or practice one you already know – The GROW project is in English, so what better opportunity to improve your conversational skills in this language? If you want to learn another foreign language, you can be inspired by the international trainers, and they will support you to take the first steps.
  • Work better in a team – The teamwork skills are in the top at GROW. That will help you in high school and in life, no matter what career you decide to follow.

  • Be more active – GROW workshops are dynamic and will make you stand up from your chair to tell your opinion and interact with others around you.
  • Discover and polish your strengths – Build a better version of your own personality based on your talents and what you are good at, then develop and learn new info in the areas that interest you.
  • Take attitude – At GROW you find motivation and support to put into practice courageous projects to make a bit better the life of young people in your local community.

Have we convinced you? Get started with us to have the best year of your high school life!

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