After every GROW edition, we take some time to put together the memories and impressions, creating a colourful puzzle. Each year, the tint and final image are different, but all GROW puzzles have in common the joy of learning, sharing and stepping up. We are thankful for meeting you and living together this 6 weeks of awesomeness! Thanks for sharing with us your experiences, emotions and stories!

Here are some feelings from our GROWzavi trainers:

Khrystyna from Ukraine, trainer in Cluj-Napoca

Khrystyna TryhubSome thoughts to sum up my GROW experience:

  • All my expectations that I had for GROW were absolutely fulfilled and even more.
  • Challenge. Reaching a consensus often becomes a difficulty in an average team, what is more in an international one. Finding a common denominator with my co-trainer was really challenging for me.
  • Best. 5TC and all following events anyhow connected with it. I loved the feeling to be a part of the so great GROW “panda team”. All the moments spent with my awesome OC team in Cluj, having fun, solving problems, growing together. Few casual meetings that in fact became the least casual in my life. Not a few happy days made by my incredible students, but also trips, inner journeys and much more that I don’t know how to put into the words.
  • I’ve learnt how to understand more, to tolerate things that I’d never have accepted before.
  • I’m really glad that during my first visit to Romania I’ve been more than tourist so I had the opportunity to feel the country, its spirit and culture and I absolutely enjoyed it!

Judy from Taiwan, trainer in Timisoara

  • judy Kuan Yun TingOne of the challenges was when I forgot to bring the manual to the session. I was nervous about that at first, but I saved the day. :))
  • My favorite memory from GROW was when the teens told me how they like the sessions and how I “touched their hearts”.
  • GROW covered my expectations, I got to know more about Romania and the culture and I also managed to be friends with the teens instead of a “teacher”.
  • I’ve learned how to take responsibilities with joy. Now I don’t do the things just because I have to, but also because I like to, I want to.
  • I think Romania is a pretty good place, people here are very nice and friendly.