We are preparing the GROW Winter edition, so it’s time to meet some of the local coordinators, the ones who make magic happen! Today we present you Andra.

My name is Andra, I am 21 years old, I study law and I am a proud member of AIESEC Iasi. How I would describe myself? Well… I never felt like I fit a certain personality typology, so I can be a very friendly and sociable person and after one hour I can be the most introverted girl, I think it’s about how people and the environment make me feel like. Probably the things that characterizes me the best are tolerance, ambition, empathy for others and the desire of trying always something new.

Many of my passions are related to movement: some years ago I was part of a dance team and I also played many years handbal and now, although I am not doing all this anymore, I am grateful that I can dance in my room and ride my brother’s bike all the time. I spend a lot of time writing my thoughts, I find my peace in nature and I love reading.

Two years ago when I joined AIESEC someone asked me if I had some time to promote in high schools a great project: that one was GROW.


I was thinking at GROW a long time before being chosen OCP. I always felt that this project transmits a lot of color, energy and joy. After I began to find more information about it I realized that GROW is much more than this, GROW has the power of bringing a change in our society by educating the young generation.

I find OCP position very challenging because it can offer me a beautiful experience, but in the same time a tough one and I really want to see how I will react and overcome the difficulties which occur and how a project like this can help me to develop myself. Being an OCP it’s also about coordinating a team, about creating links between different people in order the achive common goals and this is one of the most precious lesson that OCP experience gives you.

My messag for the GROW participants – students and trainers:

I can’t tell you how this edition of GROW will be because it didn’t start yet. I just tell you to trust the persons who were part of this huge project in the past, who told us how great was this experience for them and how much they have changed after. I encourage you to be curious, to bring your enthusiasm, to embrace the diversity and the new things that will come and I am sure that together we can create an amazing journey!