Today we present you two trainers that came from overseas to be part of the GROW project: Briar, from Canada and Natasha, from India.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would describe myself as a curious, artistic, happy and often reserved person. I’m passionate about art, academics, traveling and food (especially anything to do with chocolate!)

I am from Canada. I’m proud of my country’s multiculturalism, focus on education, and its absoutely gorgeous landscapes.

I stumbled upon GROW while searching internships with AIESEC. I really wanted to travel to eastern Europe as well, so I applied.

In GROW I want to be a good mentor and a leader. I know that I can learn just as much from the participants as they can learn for me. I always like to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. I expect GROW to be a learning experince, one that may be difficult at times. I expect there to be challenges along the way but that in the end both myself and hopefully the participants will be able to take away something from the project.

I think that this experience will help me with making difficult decisions in the future, that fear and uncertainty won’t control my decsions as much as it use to. I think overall in the end I will have more confidence in myself.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello! I am Natasha, a masters student in International Relations, Human Rights and French as well as a Research fellow under SYLFF with TheTokyo Foundation. Music, books and movies from all over the world are a perpetual treat. Besides this, I can spend hours painting, playing with my dogs and cooking. I am quite passionate about the Vienna Philharmonic and hopes to see them perform someday.

I come from the most populous democracies of the world, India! The country responsible for the invention of surgery, chess, buttons and zero. We have an insane history that goes back to 7000 BCE and the first university was established here in 700 BCE. I am very proud of the incredible heritage and diverse cutlures that form my country where people speak over 780 languages!

My ultimate motivation for being a GROW trainer boils down to the challenge that comes along with it. I have always believed in discovering something new each day. I believe that we are a result of these ideas and things we learn directly as well as indirectly. My experiences so far and interest in the empowerment of society led me to volunteering with the New Light Foundation, a Kolkata based NGO dealing with child and women’s rights and Greenpeace. Both these experiences taught me greatly about the society and our country. I had participated at ground levels that were an advantage as my actions not only formulated small yet profound changes but made me a better person. I believe GROW reflects my goals.

I believe that GROW will assist and improve me into the person that I endeavor to become. I hope to maximize my benefits with their excellent programme design that synchronizes my experiences in the project and the ones I get from the country amazingly.

I hope to accomplish my faith in development and adhere to what Gandhi had very simply said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world!”