Following running and swimming, another community of warm-hearted people, passionate of exercising and education, is gathering alongside us. More and more courageous cyclists are giving us a pedal of help in expanding the GROW project and supporting our cause at Ciclaton, an unique race in Romania.

Ciclaton is the first fund-raising cycling event in our country, dedicated exclusively to education, which proposes assisting projects for the young. Amateur cyclists and professionals pedal and raise funds for the projects they believe in. In the course of 5 days, between the 2nd and 6th of September, they will cover a track of 660 kilometers which passes through 12 picturesque cities of Transylvania. It is not an easy mission and that is way they need your encouragements.

Join the GROWzavi cyclists! Donate here so the project GROW can continue to be running!

The budget of the GROW Spring 2016 edition consists in 51.370 euro and for Ciclaton we have in mind to raise 10% of the requirement. This sum of money will be spent in the development of the international students, future GROW trainers, which will assure the quality of the learning experience for all the participants in the project.

Donate for GROW in 3 easy steps:

  • Press the Donate button which will lead you to the donation form.
  • Fill in the spaces with your personal information and the sum you want to donate. Make sure that for the“I want to support this cause”rubric you pick GROW. Also, you can choose to support o
    ne of the cyclists pedaling for the cause.
  • Choose the method of payment. The donation can be made either online using the card or depositing the sum in the organizers bank account, through OP. Each method is explained in the form.


We are happy that among the supporters of our cause at Ciclaton there is a past participant and GROW organizer who will pedal in the race so other teenagers can enjoy the practical and interactive learning experiences in a multicultural environment. Alexandru Strete shared with us a few thoughts about his participation in Ciclaton for GROW:

alexandru-strete-grow-ciclaton”I had been a participant of the GROW project since the 9th grade and I can say it has changed my life completely. Thanks to this project my plans of the future have changed and therefore I got to organize the GROW winter edition this year. The fact that I race for this project comes from my initiative to get involved more, but also because this summer I learned to ride the bicycle and I am very enthusiast for anything related to pedaling. I hope the project raises as many donations as possible so it can change the lives of more high school students, just as it has done for me.”

With every kilometer pedaled we are closer to an education fueled by values. Support the GROW team at Ciclaton by donating!